Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reflections for RHD Bazaar by Groups - Ideation

How did you feel when you were told about the bazaar? Was it difficult to come out with ideas for the bazaar? How did your group decide which idea to adopt?


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  2. We were a bit hesitant on having a bazaar as we were afraid that we might not be able to earn much money for charity. It was quite easy to come up with ideas for the bazaar, however, it was difficult to choose which idea we wanted to use. We voted on which idea we wanted to use.

    Wei Jun, KS, Niloy and Lucas

  3. 1. We were originally excited as this was helping the charity and at the same time challenging our Innovation and Entrepreneurial skills.
    2. Yes, it was difficult as we needed to come out of a business with a niche and at the same time unique from the other stalls to actually benefit charity a lot.
    3. We look at the idea with regard to demographics, low cost and looking at what resources we currently have so we could run the business with ease without actually facing any problems for resources.

  4. We thought it was just a practice and that we did not have to sell real products to people. We were surprised when we found out that we really had to sell stuff to people. The thinking of the ideas for the bazaar was quite easy as we could think out of a lot of products to sell to people. We also think of ides like allowing other people to play games in exchange of money or selling food. We had to cross out ideas as some of them were either to far-fetched, we did not have the products needed and some of the ideas were not approved. In the end, we decided on the idea of letting other people to play games in exchange of money.

  5. We were afraid that we would make a lost in the small business. We wanted to make the best out of this, for the charity and for our own experience. We were also afraid that our ideas were too far-fetched.