Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reflections for RHD Bazaar by Groups - Conflicts

During the process of planning for the stall, was there any conflicts that arose? If so, how did your group resolve the conflict?


  1. We quarreled over what items we should bring for our stall and who would make the stall itself. We overcame this problem by stating all the the things that we wanted to bring and then voting on which items we wanted to bring for our stall.

    Wei Jun, KS, Niloy and Lucas

  2. There were some miscommunication among the members thus causing a lot of un-cooperation between the group which ended up in like only two people doing the proposal.

  3. Conflicts/ resolution
    we had difficulty agreeing on the products that we had to buy. We did a lot of discussion and calculation and finally agreed on the products.
    at first, we wanted to do a Haunted House project. But then, after much thought, we found out the it is not very feasible and not very profitable. So then, we settled on CandyCraft.
    lack of manpower