Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reflections for RHD Bazaar by Groups - Learning

What was the most important learning for you in planning and operating the stall at the bazaar?


  1. Some problems our group faced during the bazaar was customers. We saw that not many people had come up to the classrooms,so we all took turns to go down and advertise our stall.We had tough competition at the 3rd floor,as there were two more groups that were also game stalls,but we had an advantage as we set up our stall faster and we set up posters.

    There was also a bit of conflict over the wii,as we were complaining over the wii remotes,as we could not find or organized the remotes to which wii console they were connected to,so every time that happened we had to disconnect the remotes and connect them again.

    If the bazaar could be done again,i would have asked for the stall to be at the 1st floor as we think that most people stayed at the 1st floor.

    Overall,we all learnt that for a business to succeed we would need the right location and place.

  2. We learnt that we have to work together as a team to ensure the success of our stall. We also learnt that we should adapt to situations well, for example, we had to go around to promote and sell the products we had.

    Wei Jun, KS, Niloy and Lucas

  3. One of the most important things we learnt that sometimes, if we follow demographics, we could actually have a lot of competitors which could actually compromise our business as well as the importance of the location.

  4. One Key Learning
    - Not to buy too many products. It is better to have not enough stocks but still hit break even than to have leftovers and make a lost.