Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp at NP

Please reflect and write down what is the one greatest learning and any comments that you have from the camp.


  1. I learnt that an entrepreneurship is the process of creating something new and assuming the risks and awards.

    I think this camp was very fun and I want to have more camps! :D

    Khim Tan(:

  2. The greatest thing I learnt is that a business plan is the most important in any entrepreneurship idea. Also, we need to be aware of our surroundings for any potential business ideas.

  3. at the innovation and enterprise camp, i found it very interesting(but sleepy) camp. the housing was a lot better than i had expected, but the security was so bad that we had to barricade the door.

    one of the greatest learning thing of the whole camp is the business skills and phrases, such as break-even, will provide to be very useful if i become an entrepreneur.

  4. One great thing that I learnt during the camp is managing the finance such as the profit and loss of a business. The camp was very interesting as it taught me a lot of entrepreneurship knowledge which is useful and can be applied in real life. Through the camp, I understood what an entrepreneur really means and who can be one. Overall, the camp was a fruitful one.

  5. One greatest learning i learnt is how to have good business skills and also plans in advance on how to start a business examples like how to calculate profit, breakeven and even loss of business . The lecture is very good as it is easier for us to understand and the time is just right.The mentor is also very caring but the camp is kind of short.

  6. One greatest learning point is how to market and pitch our product after brainstorming and coming up with that idea.

    I thought the camp could have been longer, like 3 days 2 nights. That way we could be given more time to think of an idea, and come up with better presentations.

  7. I think that the greatest learning point from the camp is the learning of the breakeven point in business and that everything above the breakeven point is a profit, anything below is a loss ad anything equal is neither a profit nor a loss.

    Overall, I think that the camp was great. The apartments we were given were top-notch and the food was fantastic. However, I would comment that there was not enough food for everyone at the camp and we would often be hungry after a meal. The apartments should also have keys or cards to open the doors instead of a code as other people can easily enter someone else apartment just by entering the code.

    Lucas Chia

  8. I have learnt buiseness and marketing strategies. The accommodation was excellect and the mentors and lecturers were all very friendly and helpful. It was paced out just right and it was overall very exciting and informative.

  9. The one greatest learning point that i have got from the camp is about the business planning and also what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.
    I find that the camp was hosted too late into the holidays and if there should be any camp it should be during the beginning of the holidays, but overall the camp was good and a good learning experience.


  10. I think that designing an product and selling it is a fun and interesting.I have learnt how to market your ideas and how to sell them.The teachers and mentors were very nice too us too.but i think that the camp needs improvement

    1)The lectures were boring.I think that we should break up into groups and learn from teachers.
    2)We should have lots more hands-on activities
    3)Extend the duration of the camp

  11. The greatest thing I learnt from the camp is how to price the products and present them in a shop so you make a profit and get a lot of customers.

    It can be improved by having more food so it will never run out and have rooms with keys and not codes so no one could get into our room. The way they taught us was good.

  12. I indeed had enjoyed the InE camp at Ngee Ann Poly. I felt that the camp was very enriching as we got to learn a lot about Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

    I felt that it we were fortunate to be able to apply what we have learnt from the camp and come up with a new business plan. Although our business plan was not as good as the other groups', I enjoyed presenting and listening others talk about their innovative business plans.

    I hope that we would have another opportunity to practice entrepreneurship skills.

  13. i learn about the various marketing strategies and how to sell our products best including considering what to sell, price of the stall etc.

  14. The greatest thing I have learnt from the I&E camp is the business plan, the tagline and what to include in a slideshow

  15. I learnt that InE works best when we're in a team, and more hands-on activities give more pleasure and fun.
    This camp could be improved if we had our food in a normal canteen, as we would be dropping pieces of food all over the place if we ate it sitting all over the place.

  16. Probably too short
    Lack of time for the creation of the business plan
    Nice and delicious food
    Good Mentors
    Detailed and useful facts for future uses in the Lecturer's presentation
    Learnt lots of interesting information and techniques for starting up a good business and more about being an THINKER, INNOVATOR, ENTREPRENEUR! :)

    It was FUN as there was lots of hand-on activities and applied learning! NP has lots of common factors with SST indeed! =D

  17. I think that coming up designing a product is fun. The field trips were good too but I din't see the point why we had to go to The Hang Out as the stuff we did there was not related to The Hangout.

  18. I think that coming up for a idea for the presentation is interesting as we held meeting in our bunks. Also, I like my idea of the extension at the MRT platform. Lastly, I felt that overall, the whole I&E camp was very interesting.