Friday, October 1, 2010

Young Innovators Fair 2010

Select an idea that you had come across in the fair and think of ways to improve it.


  1. There was a product at the fair which was called "Make-It-Flat". It helps amateur bakers to roll their dough flat evenly.
    We can improve this product by adding in a layer of marble instead of wood on the surface of the rolling board. Marble has a smooth surface which prevents the dough from sticking to it easily to the board. It is also cool which prevents the butter or margarine present in the dough from melting fast.
    There could also be a layer of rubber, similar to the rubber on the base of our Macbooks, under the rolling board so as to prevent the board from moving when the baker is rolling the dough.

    Lucas Chia

  2. An idea that I had came across during the fair is the Reel Goblet. It is actually combining both the popcorn holder and the drink holder together so it is easier to carry it and more efficient. It is an innovative idea but there are some diadvantages to it. One disadvatage is that the size is too huge and long. The drink holder is at the bottom part which caused the straw to be long. One way of improving it is to switch both the drink and popcorn holder so that the straw can be shorter. Another way is to make the height and size smaller. This makes a person more easier to carry. One other way is to attach a layer of insulator grip outside the drink holder. It is easier for the person to grip as well as to prevent air from escaping, ensuring that the drink is still cold and to allow the person to not feel the cold while holding it.

  3. For the product "Make-It-Flat", instead of using a rolling pin, they could use another board which matches the size of the whole product. This allows the user to completely smoothen the dough thoroughly with lesser strength.

  4. For the product "Lime Squeezer", I think it can be further improved by adding an anti slip layer on the tip of the product. Since the lime will be very slippery, it needs something to prevent it from slipping away. Hence, adding an anti-slip layer would help.

  5. For the product "Sushi-shier", it can be improved by replacing the plastic with wood.There should be a block to prevent the sushi from moving. The anthropometry of the product can be improved by making the product look neater.

  6. For the product "Reel Goblet", I noticed some problems regarding it. Firstly, it is very bulky and not user friendly. Secondly, the top part (To put food) is not really stabilized, and might topple over easily when the user is not careful. My idea would be to scale down the product, so it would be more manageable for the user to use. For the problem with the two containers being unstable, I decided to use velcro to address the problem. One side of it would be placed on the inner top part of the bottom container, and the other would be at the sides of the top container. Also, because the product is scaled down, we would not have to worry about the problem of having a straw too short.